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  • Our vast range of VoIP gateways range from 2 channels up to 32 channels

  • The VoIP gateways connect to all cellular networks including GSM (2G), CDMA, UMTS (3G), LTE* (4G) and can intermix with different cellular network types from the same unit

  • All gateways are SIP Client / SIP Server (SIP/H323)

  • VoIP gateways can be utilized as standalone gateways or in a SIM server solution

  • The VoIP gateways & SIM server solutions minimize investment cost and reduce the overall cost of local and international calls

  • The VoIP gateways are recommended for call centers, termination, origination, corporate, SMB & SOHO

  • Compatible software for SMS servers is available

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VoIP Gateway Features
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