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Eurotech’s mobile asset tracking, data transfer, and communication system connects the entire underground network and enables real-time, reliable, accurate tracking and communication of underground miners and underground vehicles.


The system has precise, 0.3-meter accuracy that ensures real-time visualization of miner and vehicle locations underground, and includes a graphical user interface, event capture and recording, traffic control and collision avoidance, and MIS report generation and online information.

The system is expertly designed and meets the most stringent requirements to be used in underground metal and coal mines. All equipment and accessories for coal mines conform to DGMS safety standards.

Main system components:

  • RTTS- the backbone of the system, creates a wireless network of data transfer inside the mine 

  • With our network, we transfer location data, can control remote assets and to operate them automatically.

  • Our network allows communication on many levels such as groups and broadcast.


Sub-system components:

  • Vehicles and personal location and communication tags.

  • Underground traffic management system

  • Fusion system to deliver the underground data to the mine offices wirelessly.

  • Gas measurement sensors and monitoring.

  • Communication handsets.

  • All data is monitored from a monitor room on the surface.




Underground, underground-to-surface,

and surface-to-underground data transfer

ERP software

Underground ventilation fan automation

Underground ventilation door automation

Underground pump automation

Hazardous gas monitoring system

WiFi-enabled system for all mine areas

Video wall as dashboard

Eurotech mine infographic.jpg
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