Eurotech Communication offers a full range of innovative telecom solutions for all types of enterprises, large and small. Our expertise range from networking through unified communications and customer interaction management. Eurotech's top-class products combined with high quality services and custom telecom solutions enable our customers to improve their client satisfaction and offered services, transforming their telecom systems without the need to change their existing infrastructure.

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Eurotech’s VoIP gateways connect to all cellular networks and range from 2 up to 32 channels without having to change your infrastructure, minimizing overall costs.

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The SIM server routes calls through the best and cheapest cellular network and operator’s price plan, all managed from a single location, saving time and money.

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Add-on application to VoIP gateway and SIM servers to allow bulk SMS sending and receiving. The server can send up to 500 SMSes with the touch of a button.

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