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Our SIM server solution allows customers to choose the best cellular network and operator’s price plan, all managed from a single location. Typical applications use the device as a central SIM server in distributed GSM (2G) / CDMA / UMTS (3G) networks.

The SIM server supports simultaneous access across a range of products, from a 64 SIM cards server, the smallest SIM server in the world, up to a 1248 SIM cards server.


  • GSM/VoIP gateways are deployed in several locations and across continents

  • The gateway architecture manages the SIM server and SIM allocation without the need for human intervention

  • Calls are routed to the chosen SIM card with the best rate without ever exceeding your plan

  • Save on travel expenses and time

  • Save the cost of on-site technicians

  • Save downtime between maintenance

  • Control and manage the system from the office via IP (Web GUI)

  • Compatible with all Eurotech VoIP gateways

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