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The Real-Time Tracking System (RTTS) of vehicles on the open pit surface is based on determining the vehicle’s coordinates using the global positioning system (GPS) and transferring these coordinates to the existing general mine location system. All programming functions of open pit vehicles are able to be monitored from the control room, displayed via an onscreen 3D map.


  • Vehicle position sent to vehicle base station via GPS

  • Position and all data transfer are highly encrypted.

  • Position is converted in IP-packets format of common server of RTTS to base station nearest to vehicle

  • Base station re-translates IP-packets and all information from all base stations to main base station - to common server via trunk optic cable near the open pit portal

  • Server processes all data and displays data onscreen in control room

  • The open pit vehicles tracking system is integrated in the common system of real-time tracking in underground mines

  • The system uses many factors to calculate location precisely.

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