RTTS (Real Time Tracking System)

A military standard and quality device with a world class performances.
It is a multipurpose device. It has a basic component that connects the entire Underground Network.

It has outstanding accuracy of up to 0.3 meter. In the underground tunnels we use ID with 2-3 meters accuracy for tracking of vehicles and miners in RT.
This information is used for monitoring, improving efficiency of work, traffic management as well as preventing collisions between vehicles.
During evacuation in disaster to control the miners in explosion areas.
Increase safety of miners by allowing two way communication between miner and control room in addition to a verbal communication.

Laying a Wi-Fi infrastructure enable's a digital communication for voice and video.
For verbal communication we use Android handsets with special application for PTT. Connect to cameras from mine to control room.

System Redundancy:
The network has very high reliability with several levels of backup.
The Backbone of the system is a Fiber Optic cable.
On each FOC we can connect up to 64 groups of RTTS's.
The FOC is backed by LAN connections to neighboring Base Stations (RTTS) and by 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi.
In addition the network may be backed by RING technology to enable communication in disaster or collapse of a section in the mine.
Important: The data will automatically choose the best route.

With high ROI it will save operation costs.
Improving operation performance and providing safety environment for the underground work.


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