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The FUSION gateway is a battery powered, quick crisis, continuous communication system that can be set up to restore essential voice, video and data communication within minutes. FUSION provides communication abilities when internet and cellular communications go offline during disasters or in mines during a crisis. FUSION creates an immediate WiFi bubble over a 2.5km radius and includes an on-demand satellite connection. The coverage area can be increased with lightweight battery-powered mesh nodes.

The FUSION gateway provides:

  • Voice communication

  • Text communication

  • Video call and transfer

  • Grouping

  • GEO-location

  • Mapping

  • PTT (Push to Talk) within the group or to other groups

  • Satellite - communication to satellite lines

  • UHF / VHF - optimal connection with existing networks/handsets

  • Base station - optional 3G/4G network over a 20km radius

FUSION case.jpg
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